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MEDs vs CBT (or therapy) for older people

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MEDs vs CBT (or therapy) for older people

Postby racough on Thu Nov 03, 2016 10:08 pm

Hi I have had severe OCD since I was very young but only diagnosed when I was around 50, many years ago. I have heard that people who start taking meds for OCD when they are old rarely ever get benefits, especially if they have it since childhood. Also the meds cause way more side effects when a person STARTS taking them when they are older.

I have friends helping me and they push meds (which is the cure for everything) but I want to have them help me with CBT (which to the average person seems foolish or ineffectual). Can anyone give me articles or statements by professionals that back up what I said about older people and OCD with meds? Many organizations get grants from pharmaceuticals so they are biased in pushing meds.
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