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Neurotic Planet is a popular online support forum for obsessive-compulsive disorder. This site focuses on the many forms of OCD, especially those with sexual obsessions, food and body image issues, and related OC spectrum disorders. OCD is an anxiety disorder. We offer information about homosexual anxiety, also called HOCD. Browse our recommended books. Learn about treatment options and discuss cognitive-behavioral exercises with other people with OCD.

Feeling anxious or neurotic? Learn more about OCD symptoms, fears, mental health, online therapy, medication, and eating disorders. Gain support for your OCD on our message boards. Many with OCD struggle with depression, bad dreams, unwanted urges, panic, and frustration. There is no need to suffer – help is available. OCD is a treatable brain-based disorder. Learn about affordable and no-cost treatment options, including medication and CBT. Talk to others who care in this therapist-moderated forum. Enter the forum now.

There are many usefull resources available via the internet as well a numberous phone applications that offer resources and information. Always use caution and judgement when evaluating information online. If you have any doubts please consult an expert or a physician.